Roller Derby Legend Cindy McCoy, LA Thunderbirds, Roller Games Queen
   National Skating Derby, Inc.      
    (above)  Cindy and family in her early years...

Autograph signing - Australia

Signing autographs

Denver Photo Shoot with "The Denver Dolls" for
The Colorado View Magazine

T-Birds General Manager John Hall and Cindy McCoy with Fans

Rare "Team Photograph", 1966
Cindy - front row, 2nd from your left, in the green outfit...

Traveling Day - Australia

Cindy in the background
behind Al Costa Referee Calvello (on top), Gandarra upper right and Vallow (who is getting the beating).  It was during this series against the Bombers that Cindy skated in Carol's (her fav fan) home town of Newcastle.

Photo Shoot - Australia
    Movie Star beauty...

Movie Star grace...

Kendra Blood, Denver Roller Dolls                                       Cindy McCoy

Roller Derby veterans Joe Weinmeier, left, shows Cindy McCoy photos from his days of skating in the Roller Derby. Joe skated in the 1940's and 50's and Cindy skated in the 1960's with the LA T-BIRDS.  She was crowned Rookie of the Year and Roller Derby Queen at the age of 15. This has never been repeated in professional sports.

Joe Weinmeier was a Roller Derby veteran and referee in the 1950's. 
He is also a World War II veteran, highly decorated for his actions on Iwo Jima. 
After that war he became a Denver Roller Derby STAR...!!!

Joe Weinmeier - Roller Derby veteran of the '50's with Cindy (in Denver)


T-Birds GM John Hall and Cindy with Fans

Hanging out with a friend at the zoo.
"Hey, these elephants work for peanuts!"

Carol "Flip" Wilson                                   Ann Calvello                                      Cindy McCoy                                                                           
(also shown) - Don Secombe (former news reader and host of a television show called ‘I’ve Got A Secret’)
Ron Cadee (from ‘I’ve Got A Secret’), and radio (and sometimes television) celebrity Bert Robertson.



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